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Thor: God of Thunder-no “movie game”

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With a long list of rather disappointing movie to game adaptations, it would seem that getting the transition just right is a delicate art that very few have mastered. Fortunately if the word of Liquid entertainment’s Andrew Robino is anything to go by, the up and coming game, Thor: God of thunder is going to be something more that just a “movie game.”

In a recent discussion with PSU during a Sega press event, Robino mentioned that there was never the intention of simply repeating the film, “Our goal was not to make a movie game” stressed Robino “,our goal was to make a good game.”

The combat designer went on to emphasize his point by saying, “We have our storyline written by Matt Fraction. Yes, we share some elements with the movie — obviously, our Thor looks like Chris Hemsworth, we have some voice acting and likenesses — but we tried to do our own thing.”

Liquid entertainment’s two year long project is scheduled to release on May the 3rd 2011 in North America, and promises to showcase Thor’s heroic battle to save Asgard from the threat of epically proportioned antagonists by using his unique abilities to harness the power wind, thunder and lighting.

Source: PSU

Last Updated: April 19, 2011

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