Those 20th anniversary PS4 consoles are demanding a premium online price

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I have to admit, that I think the PlayStation 4 is one of the sexiest looking consoles ever made. That whole slanted design just works for me on multiple levels, and when compared to the Wii U and Xbox One bricks, that feeling is doubled. In my pants. There’s a new PlayStation 4 on the way, that features a grey palette design reminiscent of the original PlayStation console. It’s a unit meant for the fans. Especially if they have deep pockets thanks to some profiteering on the part of opportunists.

These P$4 consoles are fetching quite a high price on eBay currently. Limited to just 12300 units worldwide, numerous resellers are selling their “confirmed pre-orders”. Some for hundreds of thousands of Randelas/Money Grandpas:



ebay 2


ebay 3

Of course, that’s what the sellers are asking. What they’re getting is a totally different matter, although some of these consoles have already sold for such ludicrous prices, with CNET reporting on a $20 000 sale for one profiteer. Twenty. Thousand. Dollars. Expect even more of these consoles to pop on eBay however, as a select number of these special edition units went on sale for £19.94 in the UK.

Long lines, a possible chance of of shoving and a forecast of somebody getting a fist embedded in their face. I’m not exactly a fan of this practice. Because clearly, these guys are charging too little. As a notoriously cheap bastard, I’d charge even more for one of those consoles dammit! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some premium Amiibo Villager figures to hock. Genuine stock, I guarantee ya.

Last Updated: December 11, 2014

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