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Those MGS 5 rumours? All fake

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Yesterday, numerous rumours were floating about that Kojima had revealed the latest Metal Gear Solid game at the San Diego Comic Con – complete with blurry images. Turns out they’re faker than Kim Kardashian’s breasts.

The images, which surfaced on Reddit were proclaimed to be from a behind closed doors reveal of Kojima’s Project OGRE. Adding a dash of probability to the rumours was the ridiculous Backronym; “Open Ground Reconnaissance Endeavour" which is completely the sort of overwrought nonsense Kojima could come up with. Thankfully, those rumours proved false.

"I was wondering what was up, so I checked the net and was able to see the cause," Kojima wrote on his Twitter account (via Andriasang). "However, that title logo is completely fake. I apologise to those who were looking forward to it."

Senior producer at Kojima Productions Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi also thoroughly debunked the rumours, saying  "I’ve been asked about the screenshots of MGS5 on the game sites. These’re ALL FAKE. We’ll update when we’re ready to announce."

The biggest problem with the “announcement,” leading everybody to believe it to be fake in the first place was its location. Why would Konami announce the game at Comic-con, when TGS is right around the corner?

Last Updated: July 17, 2012

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