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Those PS Vita memory cards are looking even more expensive now…

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Got some disposable income lying around and have your eye on that sleek and sexy PS Vita? Good for you, because that means that you’ll probably be able to afford the apparently mandatory memory card you’ll need to play games.

And don’t think that you can get away with a standard SD card either, as this is Sony that we’re talking about, and you’ll have to fork out extra for their proprietary technology. We’ve already seen some pricing from the land of the rising sun regarding the device, and now, official pricing from America and the gaming chain, Gamestop, shows us a glimpse of what we might be paying for the storage media for the upcoming handheld.

According to GameSpot, customers will pay;

  • $44.99 (R378) for a 8GB card
  • $69.99 (R588) for a 16GB card
  • $119.99 (R1008) for a 32GB card

You’ll have to have one of these cards for gaming, and with the option of downloadable titles, it really is a necessity. It’s just a pity that Sony hasn’t bundled any of these cards with the device, much like what Nintendo did with a 2GB Toshiba SD card for the 3DS, and will no doubt leave a bit of a sting in the wallet of eager gamers come launch night.

We’re still waiting for official pricing for the device, but don’t be surprised if you fork out around R4000 for a primo model, memory card and game when the time comes to purchase it.

Last Updated: November 28, 2011

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