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THQ’s taking Metro “Very seriously”

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4A’s Post-apocalyptic, survival horror first-person shooter Metro 2033, based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novel was a surprisingly excellent game – and it came as the biggest surprise to the game’s publishers, THQ. they failed, at the time, to market the game properly – or give it enough production resources – unconvinced that it could be a success. It’s become a bit of a cult hit – and THQ won’t be making the same mistake with its sequel, Metro: Last Light.

“I think we said last time around, on Metro 2033, that THQ came to realise a little too late, that it had this unpolished gem on its hands,” Metro franchise comnmunications boss Huw Beynon told Ausgamers.

“And for whatever reason, that meant that the first game didn’t quite get the production support from THQ that could have raised the polish and quality level a little bit. It obviously didn’t get the lasting support at the same time, but despite that, it went on to become a significant success – it’s referred to as a cult-hit still. But we sailed past a million sales on PC alone, so I think we can stop calling it that, and actually call it a bonafide hit.”

And though they overlooked the first game – they’ll be giving its sequel a little more love, in spite of the publisher’s current financial trouble.

“This time around, they were aware of what the potential could be, so we’ve seen that extra support, both in terms of focus from them in assisting production – generously giving the studio a little more time to get the quality that we needed,” Beynon added. ”Given THQ’s situation, that was obviously a big decision, but I think one that’s going to pay off.”

One such bit of marketing was the recent, suspenseful Metro Live Action trailer – that’s helped put the game back in people’s minds.

Last Updated: August 6, 2012

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