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Three Speech – Sony Attacks

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 In a candid interview on www.threespeech.com Sony has come out on the offensive against the accusations that it has just copied Nintendo and Microsoft with it’s new Home service.

Sony and Microsoft seem to have been on the attack against each other recently and there seems to be no love loss between the two companies. Hopefully they keep this going for a while as we wouldn’t want either of them to relax and take their feet of the gas….

I think it is harsh of the internet to accuse Sony of copying Live! really. When you think about it no matter what they had done with their online service they would have been accused of copying Live! as Microsoft where the first in the market….

I personally prefer the simplicity of Live! but I have not tried Home yet so it’s not fair to judge them yet….. It looks interesting.

Oh they also spoke about a whole bunch of other things so check the link below for the full interview.

But isn’t Home a rip-off of Xbox Live?
“Home is a first of its kind 3D community that allows for open interaction between consumers, SCE and third party partners. It is a truly interactive, global community of users. Xbox Live is a static, 2D, text-heavy environment that can’t match the rich community features found in Home. Xbox Live community interaction is much more passive and limited to the members on that friend’s list.”

Sounds a bit like Second Life?
“Home is a much more rich, user friendly experience than Second Life, allowing for ease of entry and use, as well as being fully-functional with the technology and capabilities of PS3.”

Source: Three Speech » HOME EXPLAINED

Last Updated: March 12, 2007

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