Thunder thighs at The Sims 4 academy

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Excited Aristocrat

You know how The Sims 4 is promising weirder and more interesting Sims? Well, their promotion for the game is also getting really weird, and I’m sort of loving it.

As part of the promotion for The Sims 4, EA has launched The Sims Academy. At the moment, it has three sections: video lessons, personality diagnostic and create a Sim challenges. The challenges are pretty sparse that the moment, but you can already get involved if you’re so inclined. However, I find the other sections a lot more interesting.

Here are the two lessons currently available: Swagger and Thunder Thighs. I don’t know why they make me giggle so much, but they really are worth watching if you have a 30 seconds to spare:

Finally, there’s the personality diagnostic. Not only does it include a silly trailer, it also has a quiz! I know you all love quizzes, don’t even try to hide it. Go take the quiz and tell me what you get so we can all laugh at each other. According to the quiz, I’m an Excited Arisocrat, which gets the following description:

Who isn’t excited to have their own personal rocket? Nobody, that’s who. But you don’t just love stuff. You love the thrill of building an empire. Mergers and acquisitions give you a bigger jolt than a 1000 WooHoos, and if you happen to enjoy the finer things in life, that’s just icing on your big gold cake.

Considering that many of my answers were “WooHoo” related, I’m not sure how I ended up here, but I’ll take it. Who needs a pool when you’ve got personality?

Last Updated: August 21, 2014

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