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Time to ditch the Xbox?

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I stumbled across a website called Nextgg.com this morning and found an article where the author is questioning whether or not it’s time to ditch the 360 for the PS3…

He/she claims they were a hardcore Xbox 360 fan before and have now started to think that it may be time to jump ship. I think it’s a thought that is going through quite a few people’s minds at the moment as well… There reasons for wanting to jump ship are..

The PSN, after firmware 2.40 it may be just as good as Live and it’s free…

The Price.. I completely disagree with the person here, how can saying that the PS3 is now as cheap as the 360 was at launch be a reason to move? It makes no sense. It seems to be an Australian site and the recent price cuts in Australia mean the 360 is still around half the price of a PS3.

Blu-Ray, it won the war..

Open peripherals… This one is a biggie for me. I have no idea what Microsoft is thinking with their accessory costs.

Media Center support, Again this is another one I don’t agree with… The 360 is also a great media center.

RRoD, the PS3 has proved it’s a better manufactured machine.

Trophies, PS3 fans are in for a huge suprise if they haven’t been introduced to the achievement system… These things are going to be addictive…

So do you think they have a point or does the 360 still offer the better package?

Is it time to move over to the PS3?

Last Updated: July 4, 2008

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