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Time to play with us again

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Lazygamer has gotten bigger. No, it’s not just the winter months and comfort food making us pack on the kilos – I mean that we have more members of the lazygamer writing crew. That means there is a much higher chance that one of us (or more) will be free to play games with the community.

However, it’s still a community play night, so you guys get to pick the game. I’ve preselected some that I think will be popular, but going forward you guys need to give me some of your ideas, too. Also, as soon as Evolve launches, there will be no choices – you will all be playing Evolve with me.

Now to the next point of order – when we should play. When Gavin started experimenting with our calendar, he put community nights on a Friday night, when no one is usually free. So, here are some options of when to move the play time (or keep it the same) so that more people are hopefully available.

Hmmm, it seems Darryn got his vote in there at the bottom. Anyway, I really do enjoy playing games with you guys – it’s awesome killing each other. I mean, saving each other. Or, well, just generally having a fun play time together so that we can all troll each other in the comments the next day. So, cast your vote and let’s play together. Also, these days/times will all be for next week so that people have time to download if necessary.

Last Updated: July 2, 2014

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