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I hadn’t heard of this until recently, but now that I have I’m definitely interested. A small development team (with possibly the best name ever) called Black Pants has been beavering away at a game called Tiny & Big. It looks amazing.

The game boasts some serious physics and completely destructible environments. Physics? Completely destructible? I’m totally listening. There’s also a raygun that allows you to cut through anything as you guide Tiny on the most noble of quests: to take back your grandfather’s stolen underpants. Video after the jump.

The game will be released episodically with the first episode, Grandpa’s Leftovers, being released soon. There is, however, a demo already available on their official website.

Tiny & Big runs off Black Pants’ in-house engine called the ScApe Engine. Physics are an integral part to the game as can be seen in the video above. Additionally, and I’m sure you noticed this, the art design is something rather special; that’s because every texture has been “completely analogue drawn and handmade”. There’s also on-screen onomatopoeia to make gameplay extra awesome! And if that’s not enough there’s music by guys called Zippy Zither and Vandal Cock.

No release date exists as yet, but I’ll be keeping an eye on this and let you know as soon as one appears. How’s that raygun! Man, it’s awesome! Perhaps these guys should have made Force Unleashed 2 instead; then maybe we’d have a Star Wars game that has real lightsabers as opposed to glowing sticks that behave like baseball bats.

Source: Tinyandbig.com [via Indiegames]

Last Updated: November 24, 2010

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