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Tiny handheld console Playdate shows off some of its games, including classic Doom

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It always amazes me that despite having a high number of different forms of gaming consoles available, that developers still find ways of putting games on new and usual devices. Playdate, the tiny yellow handheld game console from software developer and indie game publisher Panic, is one such console that certainly has a unique design.

It’s also a gadget that appears to be getting a fair amount of support and even though it has yet to officially release, the company showcased a few of the games that have already been developed for the game-boy inspired gadget via Twitter – and yes, someone went and made Doom.

Doom is one of those games that keeps on giving and despite its age, people are still drawn to the original game and seek to port it to practically everything. This version, from game developer Nic Magnier of Keen Games, somehow runs on the small monochrome 2.7-inch display and utilises an interesting control mechanism where you can use the Playdate’s signature hand crank to fire the iconic Doom chaingun. Something which will actually make firing that gun even more fun.

I’m honestly impressed with the level of games that are running on this small device and while I thought it was just a silly gimmick when it was first announced, the ingenuity of third party developers certainly showcases its potential if you don’t mind straining your eyes to look at that miniature screen.

According to the Twitter thread, there are over 250 developers around the world who have physical Playdate devices as dev kits and are developing games for it, so it’s likely we’ll only see even more ingenious projects for it when the Playdate eventually releases.

Which is more than what you can say for the next generation of consoles.

Last Updated: August 14, 2020

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