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Tips For Building the Best Skullgirls Team

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Skullgirls is a team-based game meaning that you can go for 2v2 or 3v3 battles (see Google Play). What is fascinating about this game is that it takes it a step further, allowing players to play the game any way they want. This means that a player can decide to go solo against a trio. Or, a player could use only two characters to take on another team with three. Naturally, there are a few advantages to taking this route, including being tankier.

Generally, most matches are played with three characters on each side, with the first character generally supported by the other two, and the last team standing wins. With team games come theories on team composition and the like, as picking the right team goes a long way in determining if you will win the match or not. For new players, finding the right team might be difficult, and you might be tempted to simply pick any three characters you like and get started; unfortunately, this tends not to go very well and could lead to several complications. So, I have some tips on what to do and how to build a formidable team for Skullgirls.

First things first, it is important to point out that Skullgirls doesn’t have a lot of characters (17 if you count Black Dahlia – see here) which means that there are no rare matchups. Also, every character is viable in their own right, and there are few, if any ‘bad’ characters. That said, there are a few tips that could help you take advantage of the strengths of certain characters. 

Utilize All Three Spots

The first tip I will give is that you should really consider using up all three character spots. This is not an absolute rule, and it is quite possible to win even with a single character. However, the advantages that using a fully stocked team gives to the user are a lot more than using a duo or a solo character. If you want to play with a handicap, then sure, go ahead. But, if you plan to face off against an opponent you respect, then it would be best to use all three slots. Perhaps you worry that there are only two characters you like, and that’s a valid concern, but there are characters who really do well in just about any team and don’t need to show up a lot in the fight. An example of this is Big Band. He’s a phenomenal character with a lot of utilities that make him perfect as the second/middle character in your team or the final character. If you are skilled, you can get through fights without necessarily having to call on him to save you from a pickle. Once you settle on the trio of characters you want to use, you can get started with trying them out in various ways. 

Think Carefully About a Glue Character

First off, who is a glue character? As the name implies, this is a character that holds the team together. Some characters excel at fighting on their own and have the tools to carry a team on their backs. On the other hand, there are characters who are just so good that they work in most setups and act as a link between other characters. Characters like Annie, Big Band, Cerebella, Robo Fortune, and Double are great glue characters in that they have great assists, can build meter, and can work in most positions (Big Band is most certainly preferred as a middle character.)

It should be noted that having a glue character is not a must, and there are teams that work fine without them. So, if you have a preferred team of three that doesn’t have any of the glue characters mentioned above, you need not worry as long as it works for you. But, if you have a team that feels a bit wonky and you feel you might need something a little extra, getting one of those characters to stitch your team together is certainly worth considering.

Consider Team Synergy and Playstyle

Ever watched a show and seen a character that seems to only thrive off fighting alone? Well, there are characters like that in Skullgirls who take a whole lot more than they give. An example is Beowulf, who needs a lot of resources to really shine. However, he doesn’t build much meter himself, so he relies on his teammates to build meter that he can then use to decimate enemies. This can be fun, but imagine for a second that you pick a team of three Beowulfs. Odds are you will be unable to win the match, which will be frustrating. Characters like Beowulf are not great together; think of Valentine and Ms. Fortune who are great characters with insane mobility and damage potential, but they probably shouldn’t be paired together. 

When putting together your team, you will have to think of the team’s synergy and how well they work together. If not, you’ll end up with a disjointed team who just do their own thing and won’t get much in the way of victory. 

Positions Are Important

The final point I’ll leave you with is that every character’s position is incredibly important. So, you get to use three characters, and you must learn that the character you pick to go first, second, and last matters. The first position sometimes called the ‘point,’ should go to your main character. This should be a character that can fight well on their own, possibly even build meter, and has the tools to work well with their teammates’ assists. The middle character is usually a flexible glue character, has great assists, and can hold the fort. Usually, the last character, also called the ‘anchor’, should be a character that has great comeback potential (Eliza is an excellent example of this.) and can fight alone if need be. Where you place each character requires thought. Also, even when you have a team with great synergy, you should consider switching up positions in some scenarios. For instance, if your point character doesn’t fare well with the opponent’s point character, you could consider opting for someone else or switching to your middle character early on to save yourself the stress of playing a bad matchup. 

When all is said and done, none of these tips is a must, and the main goal should always be to have fun. For more tips and advice, you should really be checking out the Skullheart community. Here’s hoping you have fun with Skullgirls.

About the author: Femi Famutimi is an Skullgirls writer for DashFight. He loves the FGC and is particularly interested in the African community where he comes from. He enjoys playing video games, sampling music, and catching up with his impossible backlog of anime.

Last Updated: September 30, 2022

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