Titanfall 2 is coming from EA.. to everything

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In what has to be labelled as the most obvious and non-news today it has been revealed that EA games has possibly  agreed on a deal with Titanfall developers, Respawn, to publish the sequel to the hit game.

“Electronic Arts has secured sequel rights for Respawn Entertainment’s multiplayer shooter Titanfall”, says GameSpot, citing a “reputable source.”

The option to land Titanfall 2 was based on the performance of the original game, which has apparently done well enough, and as expected, help shift a few Xbox Ones. 

It really does show how slow a news day it is at the moment that we are reporting on this.

Other unconfirmed rumours are that the game will also head on over to the PlayStation platform when the inevitable sequel is released. This became patently obvious when the sales of the Xbox One were utterly and unilaterally trounced by the PlayStation 4.  EA were taken by surprise by the poor performance and absolutely diabolical press disaster that Microsoft created last year.

So while the rumours are still just that I think it’s clear that we are going to see Titans falling on all platforms when the sequel is released in 2015. I predict their first plan was a new game every two years but with the sales of Titanfall on the Xbox One clearly lower than EA would have predicted, they predicted a far larger install base, I can see them rushing out a Titanfall 1.5 onto all platforms next year.

Oh and just so this article has something new and interesting in it.. here’s a list of the guns in Titanfall and the damage that they can inflict on pilots and Titans. Click to embiggen


Last Updated: March 20, 2014

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