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Titanfall adding a Titan-free mode

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I haven’t played Titanfall for a long, long time. I had a ton of fun with the game when it was released everywhere but South Africa by fighting the system and playing it on Pc. It was a blast for about two weeks, and then other commitments pulled me away. Nothing’s drawn me back, and its new mode is unlikely to either.

A new game mode in the latest update removes just about everything that made Titanfall seem fresh and exciting; the computer AI and the bloody eponymous Titans. Here’s what Respawn says on its blog.

Pilot Skirmish is the New Featured Game Mode – Pilot Skirmish is an 8v8 mode with no AI and no Titans. Due to the difference in player sizes with the rest of the game modes, Pilot Skirmish will not be among the game modes played when choosing Variety Pack playlist.

Essentially, without falling Titans and computer-driven AI, what you have is a pared-back Call of Duty Advanced Warfare… only with an auto-aiming pistol. Great.

Other changes in the new update include Marked for Death becoming a permanent mode, and – something I think more and more games should adopt – modes for colourblind gamers. New toggles for protanopia , deuteranopia, and tritanopia have been added, affecting IFF glows, crosshair colours, and the names above player heads.

Titanfall is a lot of fun, and I should probably play it again at some point…I just don’t want to be playing Call of Duty when I’m supposed to be raining down terror in a giant mechanised beast.

Last Updated: August 29, 2014

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