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Titanfall: PC vs. Xbox One comparison videos

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Titanfall is coming soon. It’s a game that has many people quite excited for it, especially those who’ve  played it. You’ll be hard pressed to find anybody who’s actually played the game and isn’t giddy at the thought of playing it again. When it launches, it;s coming to just two platforms; Xbox One and PC. For South Africans, it really means PC is the only option when the game is released. How do the two versions compare?

The fine fellows at VG247 have done a few comparison videos, showing the differences between the Xbox One and PC versions of the game. You’ll get 1080p and 60 frames per second from both versions of the game, though news out of the recent hands-on event confirms that the Xbox One beta is currently rendering at 792p, up-scaled to 1080p. Respawn is targeting 900p for the final build…which you’d imagine would be done by now seeing that the game will be out in a month. Yes, it’s the Source Engine and you’d expect a new console to do better with such old tech running the game, but as you can see from the videos, it’s been tweaked and upgraded quite considerably.

The GPU powering the PC version here is a Nvidia GTX 780ti, which packs quite a punch, and should play the game at resolutions well beyond 1080p.

The Titanfall Beta begins on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. For details on how to get into the Titanfall Beta, go here. Titanfall will be released on Xbox One and PC on March 13 in Euro territories, and will grace the Xbox 360 two weeks later.

And just for good measure, here’s one last video from  MattTheMusketeer , showing the game running in ultra on PC.

And yes, even I’m excited for Titanfall. I know many of you are sceptics…but its just feels right. We’re trying to get a bunch of beta keys to give away to all of you, so hopefully you’ll get to give it a bash yourselves soon.

Last Updated: February 13, 2014

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