Tokyo Jungle confirmed for EU PSN – hopefully South Africa too

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Perhaps you’ve heard of this Tokyo Jungle game; perhaps you haven’t! It’s bizarre in concept but so, SO cool at the same time.

You choose a species of animal, be it an elephant, lion, chicken, porcupine, hell even a Pomeranian, and then you try to make it survive in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo. You’ll have to fight against the hordes of other animal species that are trying to do exactly the same thing. In this game, it is entirely possible to make a chicken square off with a T-Rex in a fight to the death.

When it was announced, the Japanese PSN looked likely to be the game’s only home. Now it turns out that the post-apocalyptic-animal-deathmatch-survival-game-of-pure-awesome will hit the European PSN some time in 2011.

South Africa’s PSN shares a lot of content with the European PSN – save for glaring omissions like Rock Band and Guitar Hero DLC (blame the local music labels for that one). Hopefully we’ll get this too because all I really want to do is use a bloodthirsty Toy Pom to take down a bull elephant so that it can feast on its hulking carcass while yapping menacingly.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: November 1, 2010

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