Tom Clancy shooter – the Division

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I am in love with the premise of this game.  Maybe it’s because cash is so disgustingly dirty and could conceivably be the source of a pandemic, or maybe it’s because it takes place in New York (my hometown).  Whatever the reason, The Division is a game I’m certainly keeping an eye on.

It all starts with a pandemic.  From there, we have the usual post-apocalyptic fall out – no social control, water, food, etc.  Yet another game to make us realize how fragile our existence is.  I like their trailer that explains all this – very well done.

So, at E3 we got to see some people playing through the demo as well.  I like the 3D mapping system, but I’m still curious about how far it’s an MMO.  We aren’t supposed to see it as an MMO, apparently it’s ‘an online, open world RPG’.  Honestly, I’m not too sure what the difference is.  In any event, it looks like a really fun game, and I would mind running around with a bunch of buddies in this version of New York City.  

The Division will release in 2014 on Xbox One and PS4.

Last Updated: June 12, 2013

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