Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands (10)

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands is nearly upon us! The latest third person shooter from Ubisoft will be out in just a few short weeks, on March the 7th to be exact. I fortunately had the opportunity to get some hands on time with the title weeks before its release. If you’d like to see my detailed feelings on the game, you can do so right here.

If you couldn’t be bothered to, I don’t know, read words, worry not! I came back from Paris not only with that experience under my belt, but also a plethora of footage. I just so happen to have edited some of it, as a matter of fact, making my time with the single-player specifically into a short, bite-sized video. You can check it out below:

Wildlands definitely works as a single-player game, if that’s how you do intend to play it. The friendly AI is functional, though you’ll have to exercise careful control over it if you do plan on besting Wildlands in a tactical way.

In my video above for example, things go South very quickly on two occasions. This I later realized, was not due to dumb AI, but all thanks to my careless commands. One time, I sent my allies off to attack without thinking to follow up with a regroup command, and another, I told them to move into a position that would be easily spotted by the enemy.

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Thankfully, all the hard work doesn’t lie with you, the player. According to Ubisoft, the AI will learn and adapt to your playstyle. I just never had enough time to see this come to fruition. If anything, my guns blazing approach told my teammates that I had little regard for stealth, which may be what resulted in their carelessness.

Anyhow, the above is but a small portion of what Wildlands has to offer. Does the game interest you at all? Will you be playing it alone, or with friends?

Last Updated: January 26, 2017

Matthew Figueira

Defence of the Ancients? More like Defence of the cabbages! Have you seen my head? I look like a Merino Sheep on pole. NO SHANGE only SHAPPIES! :D

  • I still feel deja vu. This feels the same as last year with the Division. It looks like the Division and is made by the same idiots. I would approach with caution for those who actually still give Ubisoft money.

    • I thoroughly enjoyed the 40 or so hours I put into The Division,… it had no end game content but I didn’t care.. loved the SP campaign and the idea of it

      • That I can understand, but for my group of friends and myself, we bought the game they marketed the most on. The DZ and all it’s MP glory, that quickly turned into a hacker infestation. After every patch there would be an exploit that people would abuse and get a massive advantage over others and we waited for months for fixes and anti cheats that just never came.

        • MonsterCheddar

          Master Race problems Bra.

          • Ja nee. I remember the good old days when games were developed on PC and ported to console.

          • Technically they are still developed on PC … just not for PC.

          • MonsterCheddar

            If I had a Rand for every time you say that. 😛

          • You would have R2. Since that’s how much I have said it this year 😀

          • Hammersteyn


        • Survival is where the fun is now. Except when Admiral disconnects and our other player dies too far away and the only ones who make it out is me and Vamps.

          • VampyreSquirrel

            Luckily that dude didn’t kill me and rez’d me.

          • That is true as I was blocked off by several puple mobs in a room and would not have made it to you.

      • Hammersteyn

        As an SP game it was fine, DZ had some life to it but it got stale eventually

  • Dutch Matrix

    Forever, I will play alone. Sad as it might be, it is how I prefer it…

    • Anon A Mouse

      9000 likes. That’s how games are supposed to be played.

    • MonsterCheddar

      Me too.

  • DragonSpirit009

    Oh I like single player options.
    But with this it seems you need to think way ahead if you want to succeed in this game.

    • Dutch Matrix

      I cannot even think past breakfast. My Troops are Doomed it seems and…

      • DragonSpirit009

        Yeah… I have that same problem. Thank goodness it’s just a game and you can replay XD

    • VampyreSquirrel

      It’ll be always online.

  • VampyreSquirrel

    The game looks cool… and it’s probably closer to what the Division SHOULD be… but I’ll wait before I decide to get it.

    Really feel that you’re going to have issues in MP if you don’t have friends with the game.

    • Well I know of 2 people who have already decided they will even pre order it…

      • VampyreSquirrel

        Those two are maniacs though…

        I’ll wait for a while before I get it… it’s probably going to cost R1000 as well 😐

        • Yea, I will wait for CH review first. If it’s anything below 9 it’s a no buy.

          • I have been starving for a decent co-op game so pre-order just went in.

          • I also crave co op games since there are so few in number. But seriously, there has been 3 articles about this game this morning alone. It’s treading very close to the over hype line.

          • Well Matty was at the conferencew and just came back so we would have 3 articles. That is like complaining about to many blizz articles during Blizzcon. 😛

        • Hey … I heard that!

          • VampyreSquirrel

            lol I was referencing Otto’s cousin and friend… but now I know 3 maniacs that are getting it.

        • R1000 -10% for 100 Uplay points. 😛

  • MonsterCheddar

    Matty your character looks more like a drug dealer than a SF operator. 😛 Wonder your mates didn’t try to shoot you.

    • Matthew Figueira

      Shhhh I was deep behind enemy lines trying to make a deal! 😛

  • Hammersteyn

    SP is still very important in games, because it feels like people move quickly between MP games these days.

    • You see there is a big difference for me between MP and Co-op. The only co-op game I have seen in the last year or so was Division and even that was a tiny portion of the game. This is a full co-op title and it seems awesome.

  • Sageville

    I had zero interest in this…

    But gorram it Fig… that co-op looks like it might be fun…

  • Banana Jim’s Final Form!

    Aw comeon Matty, now I’ll have to get this game…

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