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Tomb Raider got a reboot because Lara Croft was “losing relevance”

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There’s a new Tomb Raider game coming next year – but it’s substantially different from the ones you’ve already played. It is, though a reboot, also an origin story;  a tale letting us know more about what fashioned the young and naïve adventurer in to the worldly, ass-kicking hottie we know her as. In an interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun Crystal Dynamics brand director Karl Stewart related just why such a reboot was necessary.

“We felt she was losing some relevance in the gaming world, that she was a little too hard and removed. We wanted to make her more approachable and relatable. I think this was a perfect time for us to reimagine the franchise, taking Lara back to her roots. I think it’s growing to be a great way for players to learn to reknow who Lara is, retell her story.”

Lara, it seems, had become too awesome.

“I think she became an icon. When you do, you remove yourself from relatability. We wanted to bring her to a place where she didn’t have all those skills, she wasn’t perfect. The modern gamer can relate to that, they want a complex hero,” he said. I think Lara had done all the growing she could. We’d taken her to a great place, to somewhere she had some closure. There weren’t really many more stories we could have told. So we feel like with this new place we have fertile ground and there’s a lot of places we can go.”

Source : RPS

Last Updated: July 19, 2011

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