Tomb Raider PS3 version compared to PS4

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I’m not a big fan of hosting other gaming sites videos for the obvious reason that we don’t want to lose you to some massive faceless corporation which just posts gaming news because they profit from it. But this comparison video and interview that the real IGN has managed to put together really does showcase what is so special about the new consoles.

What’s most impressive is that this isn’t just a simple up-scale, using nothing but previous assets and technology. According to the definitive edition FAQ, “The team didn’t just up-rez the game. They pulled it apart and rebuilt it with new technology, finally allowing us to reach the vision for Tomb Raider that we always wanted.  There’s new textures, new physics and geometry and an entirely new face for Lara. 

The smoke hanging around the ceiling really does make the game look that much better and the spotlight improvement is long overdue. I hated the trial and error  gameplay that we have become used to when trying to play stealthily at night around spotlights.

Now what I really can’t wait for is for the first real exclusives to hit the new consoles where the game has been developed from the ground up to take advantage of the added power that the hardware now has available.

I’m still on the side lines of this generation thanks to being poverty stricken but the first major exclusive to land will force me to sell my kidneys to pick up a console. I have a feeling in the next few months we are going to start hearing a lot of promises with this year’s E3 starting to look like it’s going to be rather revealing  for gaming enthusiasts.

Last Updated: January 14, 2014

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