Top 10 games to get your better half into gaming

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So it’s nearly weekend and you are looking forward to a relaxing Sunday just playing games and relaxing but your better half would rather you do some chores instead?

Well here is your chance to change their minds and get them into gaming as well, has put together a list of games to get your significant other into gaming…

I am not sure I agree with all of their points, especially since we don’t have Rock Band yet, but most of them seem like a good idea….

10. Viva Pinata (Personally would have placed it higher)
9. Dead or ALive 4 (my wife loved this game)
8. Oblivion (not sure on this one)
7. Halo 3 (my wife doesn’t get the point but it’s an easy FPS to get into)
6. Dance Dance Revolution Universe (I really need to get this for the family)
5. Rock Band (… no comment)
4. Marvel Ultimate Alliance (I was not impressed with this game at all)
3. The Simpsons Game (good call)
2. Lego Star Wars (I actually got stuck in this game and gave up… I really should try again)

And the number one game to get your better half into gaming?

1. Portal…. (Awesome game and a worthy winner)

Last Updated: June 6, 2008

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