Top 10 Most Dangerous Games

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So what happens when a boy from Thailand decides to hijack a taxi and stab the driver in an attempt to recreate a scene from GTA IV? A list happens , that’s what.

But seriously, this actually happened and due to the actions of the boy, GTA IV was pulled from the shelves. Now the Thai Ministry of Health has released a list of the top 10 most dangerous games. I’m glad that they are releasing lists like this because goodness knows I have been walking around my apartment for months with a totally unsupervised copy of Resident Evil 4 on my wife’s desk.

Had I known that that it could have at any point leapt at me in an attempt to take my life, I would have put it in a much more secure place.

The full list of gaming uglies after the jump.

1 – Grand Theft Auto

2 – Man Hunt

3 – Scarface

4 – 50 Cent – Bullet Proof

5 – 300 (the game)

6 – The Godfather

7 – Killer 7

8 – Resident Evil 4

9 – God of War

10 – Hitman

I personally think that there are a couple of games that are way worse that were left out, but hey, who am I to judge what kind of game Thailand finds scary, I find some of their food quite scary.

source: Kotaku

[Ed: So firing exploding arrows into people, ala Gears of War, is perfectly acceptable in Thailand?]

Last Updated: August 7, 2008

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