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Top 10 reasons the Wii is killing the PS3 and 360

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Old-wizard.com has posted up its 10 reasons why the Wii is dominating the PS3 in this generation and to be honest I think a bunch of their reasons are just plain silly.

For example I don’t think the Wii having a funny name is a major selling point and neither do I think the million of parents who bought the Wii did it because the “Wii has better fans”.

However their 10th point is possibly the most important one that I have never actually thought about and it applies to the war against the 360 as well.

The Wii is the only console that gets sold with a bundled game everytime, so a parent or ‘civilian’ can walk into the store and walk out with one box that will entertain them right from the start. The PS3 and 360 try to bundle games every now and then but either they bundle the best game at a high cost or some arb game that no one wants.

So the moral of the story is if you want to be a billionaire then make a console that is fun and easy to play and make sure you sell it for a good price with a free game. Easy enough…

So do you agree or is their another reason the Wii is set to take it’s third Christmas in a row?

Last Updated: November 10, 2008

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