Top eSports teams in the Do Gaming League revealed

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DGL 2013

We’re half way into the first leg or “Summer Leg” of the Do Gaming League, South Africa’s biggest eSports league; and It’s getting easier to see who the country’s top teams are. Here’s who’s been dominating in Black Ops 2, Battlefield 3, Dota 2 and League of Legends.

After four weeks, teams are showing great consistency, but make no mistake, with another four weeks to go; top spots are there for the taking. The cream of the crop is rising, clans (or MGO’s – Multi Gaming Organisations) like Bravado Gaming, Energy eSports, Veneration E-Sports and the ROCCAT SA Online Gaming Community Clan are showing great results across the board. Here are the teams currently in the lead:

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

There are currently 89 teams competing in the Black Ops 2 league. Results are in the following order: Group/Division – Clan Name – Team Name

  • Group A: Fatality (FataltyBO2)
  • Group B: Bravado Gaming (bvd.blopss2), ClanS-SA GaMInG (CSA.Bushido*)
  • Group C: ROCCAT SA Online Gaming Community Clan (ROCC |Saikyo Knights)
  • Group D: OverPoweredGamingZA (OpG .BlitzenKriegers), eVo_ZA (eVo_za ’scaR)
  • Group E: rise Against (rA`Vengeance)
  • Group F: Energy eSports (eN.Frost)
  • Group G: InVoKe Gaming ([i])
  • Group H: Republic of Gamers (RoG~ZA~MAXIMUS)
  • Group I: Konsentrasie Knights (|KK|Knights)
  • Group J: Veneration E-Sports (VnR?Aequitas)

For the full results log, visit this link.

Battlefield 3 Premier Division

The Premier Division of the Battlefield 3 league consists of the top 10 teams of last year’s Do Gaming League. Below are the current results:

BF3 Prem Results

GP: Games Played
W: Win
D: Draw
L: Loss
Pts: Points

Dota 2 Premier Division

The Dota 2 Premier Division consists of eight teams based on their performance in last year’s DotA 2 SteelSeries Spring League. Results log:

Dota 2 Prem

GP: Games Played
W: Win
D: Draw
L: Loss
Pts: Points

League of Legends

Out of the 76 League of Legends teams, here are the teams who’ve been doing the best. They have all been randomly put into groups, as there were no previous Do Gaming LoL league to base seedings on. Results are in the following order: Group/Division – Clan Name – Team Name

  • Group A: Penta Steal (-=PS=-5), Revo Gaming (ReVo | Renegades), Void Tactics Gaming (VTG – We Tempt Fate)
  • Group B: The Elite ([TE]SofaKings),  8ZerOs GaMInG (80s.LoL)
  • Group C: Void Tactics Gaming (VTG Shock and Awe)
  • Group D: League of Feeders (LoF | Manmode)
  • Group E: Twilight Crusaders (TCLoL), The Nerd Herd (NERDS Sheep)
  • Group F: Unleash Gary (Leash.Lol)
  • Group G: BavarianSlutForces (BVSF+)
  • Group H: nAv Gaming (nAv | HFM)
  • Group I: ROCCAT SA Online Gaming Community Clan (ROCC| Unique 5), Problem? Gaming ([P].Xenon)
  • Group J: In Teemo We Trust (ITWT-LoL Team)

Last Updated: February 25, 2013

  • Nicholas Rowan

    Group H for Leagues I’d have to say KK|Knights are currently top with Nav|HFM as they still have a game in hand. Both are really strong teams, we lost to HFM quite handily the other day. Still have our KK|Knights game coming up :s

  • Admiral Chief Erwin


  • Michael

    Until a proper anti-cheat is available the, DGL is as corrupt as our current Government.
    You would be shocked if you knew how many teams actually use dubious methods to
    advance. Quite sad teams need to resort to these methods and I doubt if the
    “sponsors” would like to be associated with that kind of attitude…

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