Top secret Dota 2 team finally revealed

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Man I loved this movie

It’s that time of the year for Dota 2. The International is long gone and players have rested. Some teams have remained identical, while others have changed and new teams have been formed. Being a big Na’Vi fan, I was extremely sad to see long time captain Puppey as well as support player KuroKy leave. Who are they playing for now?

The StarLadder StarSeries kicked off last night, and with it brought the debut of Team Secret. No seriously, that is what they are called. It is an interesting line-up, packed with many familiar faces.

  • Puppey (formerly Na’Vi)
  • KuroKy (formerly Na’Vi)
  • Fly (formerly Fnatic)
  • BigDaddy (formerly Fnatic)
  • S4 (formerly Alliance)

It seems like it could be a really strong team to go up against. Puppey captained Na’Vi to their very own International victory, as well as second place in two others. You may recognise S4. He was the mid player for Alliance, the team who won The International last year. He all but won the final for them with his million dollar dream coil as Puck. He also went on to win the solo championship this year. While Fly and BigDaddy from Fnatic may not have won any of The International tournaments, they are both skilled and have played together for a very long time.

Their debut last night saw Team Secret facing off against previous TI champions Alliance. I only caught the end of the game and Team Secret were getting destroyed horribly. It’s a shame that their debut game went that terribly, but what do you expect from a team that has only just recently formed? I think as they learn to gel with each other and mesh their play styles together, they are going to be really strong contenders

Do you remember a while back when Geoff told you that YouPorn want to sponsor some eSport teams? Team Secret have no official sponsor yet. Rumour has it that they might just be the team that gets that first sponsorship.

Last Updated: August 28, 2014

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