Top selling games of the year so far (NPD numbers)

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We’ve had some massive titles released this year so far with the likes of Red Dead Redemption, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Halo Reach and God of War 3 all hitting retail shelves since January this year.

But the question is which titles have lived up to their expectations, at least in regards to sales.

The top 10 sales this year according to NPD are as follows


Obviously the first thing we see is that Halo Reach has already sold more than any other title this year and that New Super Mario Bros Wii has lost it’s number one crown… for now. I would say that Mario has more staying power than the Noble Team from Halo so expect them to retake their crown after the mad rush of Christmas has come and gone.

Another interesting thing to note is that Red Dead Redemption is third, but only the 360 version with the PS3 version nowhere to be seen. Same story with Modern Warfare 2.

By all accounts this is a uniquely American experience though with the PS3 version of both those titles doing far better in PAL areas.

And lastly for everyone who says there is nothing on the Wii, well it’s taken 5 out of the top 10 spots for the year. So I think it’s more to do with them not catering for your tastes rather than the console not having anything to play.

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Last Updated: October 21, 2010

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