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Top ten kickass console mods

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Hey, it’s not just the PC master race that has the time to rip the motherboard out of a PC tower and throw into a case of pure hipster-killing coolness. Consoles have also been on the modding scene for years now, with everything ranging from retro to current on that specific chopping block. Here’s our top ten of moulded plastic and cartridge entry ports.

The Nintoaster


As seen on various episodes of The Angry Video Game Nerd. Designed by , the nintoaster combines all the allure of old school 8bit Nintendo games, with the majesty of toast. Or freshly popped games to be exact. Richard Daluz created this second generation fusion of toasty goodness and old school technology, and it’s even survived several rampages by the Nerd himself.

The Xbox 360 laptop


Ben Heck is no stranger to modding just about everything in the pursuit of gaming, but his latest Xbox 360 laptop takes the cake here. A 15 inch screen, built-in speakers and a sexy stainless steel finish? Shut up and take my money! All $2000 of it!

The Black Ops 2 Playstation 3


Black Ops 2, which won awards for best puzzle, strategy, racing, casual, RPG and shooter game from us last year has just earned itself another one: Best influence on a custom console. Created by Jriquelme Mods, it looks like an item straight out of the game, complete with some snazzy LED lighting to boot.

The Steampunk Gameboy


Man, I knew that the original Gameboy was heavy when it had batteries inside of it, but this is ridiculous. Throw in a selection of gears, knobs and various metal cranks, and you’ve got the arm workout from hell. Designer Kyle Robinson must have the biggest arms in the world after handling this for a few hours.

The Nintendo Neutrona Wand


Ok, technically not a console, but the controllers were seen as more than just input devices when it came to selling the Nintendo Wii. And seeing as how I’ve forsaken Batman for Ghostbusters lately, this authentic proton pack design from Jack Rossi that incorporates the Wii controller is pure win in my book. So long as you remember not to cross the TV streams.

The portal Nintendo Gamecube


I don’t think that words alone can summarise just how much I loved the Nintendo Gamecube. Despite being late to the party, it was a great gaming console, in mini-me form. And square! SQUARE I SAY! Well keeping the hypotenuse on the oblong (MATHS!), comes this 5 inch screen version of the console, in portable glory from Techknott. The funny thing? That screen is taken from an old Sony Playstation one portable device. Trololololol la la la!

The Super Genintari 4-in-1


Quite frankly my favourite console on this list, the Super Genintari is half Sega Genesis, half Super NES, half Atari 2600, half NES and all awesome. Just look at that beautiful case, which was custom “formed and shaped on a homemade stript heater”. All that retro glory, in a package that doesn’t even require more than one cable for all four consoles. Magic., Richard DaLuz, magic.

The portable Atari Jaguar


I won’t deny that the Atari Jaguar is one of the biggest blunders in console design, but I’ll give Atari credit for thinking outside of the box when they came up with this piece of tech, which looked as if it could be future-proofed for years to come. Provided the damn thing worked most of the time. Still, we look back at it with fonder memories these days, and I’ll be honest by confessing that I wouldn’t mind owning a portable version of the Jaguar, as designed by Evil Nod.

The PSP fit for a God…of war


God of war is a manly game! A game meant for strong men! Raaargh1 Men who built the Eiffel Tower with their hands! Yaaaargh! Men who keep their emotions bundled up inside until they reach a tipping point that gets them sent to jail for their violent sprees of violent violence!MACHISMO! Which is why this macho PSP exists. Because God of War. TESTOTOROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE!

The Playstation 3 George Foreman Grill


I’ll be honest with you here, and confirm that unless you’re ready to play a game about cooking meat in a healthy way that is endorsed by a former world heavyweight boxing champion, then you’re going to leave disappointed. Still, that is one lean mean grilling machine with HD beef from the SmashMy___ gang, mmhhmmm.

Last Updated: February 26, 2013

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