Gamescom 2010: Torchlight 2 Trailer Shows Off Some Co-op Action

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Torchlight 2 has finally graced us with a trailer, and the message being delivered is very clear.

While the first Torchlight was awesome, the only real issue plaguing it was its lack of co-operative multiplayer, which is what made most of us fall in love with the genre to begin with (thanks Diablo).

Torchlight 2 hits next year with full co-operative play as well as something that I’m quite happy to see implemented, which is the inclusion of randomly generated maps that shoot re-playability through the roof.

From what I can see in the trailer, the co-op will be limited to 3 players, which is a little strange only because most of us are used to it being somewhere in the range of 4 instead. Hit the jump for the full trailer.

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: August 19, 2010

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