Toshiba A3 HD-DVD Player for $169.00

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Only a few days after reporting about the first sub $200 HD-DVD player comes another story about cheap HD-DVD players…

This one is different however, not only is it the A3, the $199 one was an A2, but it is also coming in at a staggering $165. Granted it is for a special sale only but still that is easily within the mass market range in the states.

I wouldn’t put it passed Toshiba to be flogging these things at well under cost to make sure it doesn’t lose this war in December.

So what are the Americans going to do this Christmas, pick up a combined PS3/Blu-Ray player or a Xbox 360 and a stand alone HD-DVD player… they are about the same price now.

Toshiba A3 HD-DVD Player for 169.00 at SEARS on Black-Friday! – Forum

Last Updated: October 31, 2007

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