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Toshiba to try keep DVD's in play

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You may remember that I while back we posted an article about a new technology from Toshiba that plans to upscale standard DVD’s resolution to a near 1080p resolution instead. The new technology is called SRT (Super Resolution Technology) and according to those who have been lucky enough to see the demo’s so far, it makes quite a difference.

Enough of a difference to actually take on Blu-Ray? I’m not so sure.

Some industry journalists are saying that this is all apart of a “master plan” from Toshiba to undermine the Blu-Ray format, as they will also be offering a service called DVD Download DL, which, with the use of an internet connection, will download additional content for your DVD movies that would previously only have been available on the BR format.

As much as this technology will make consumers stick to standard DVD’s for a longer time, I believe that it will only be a matter of time until the new HD formats take over anyway. Even with companies like Microsoft also pushing for digital distribution there are still going to be the two factors that will come into play.

Some people like the idea of collecting movies and putting them on the shelves. Most people I know that love collecting DVD’s very rarely watch the movies more than once, but they still like having them on the shelves in their pretty little boxes. The other factor is convenience. Is it actually more convenient to download a movie and store it on a drive? Especially with the new and larger HD movies being released it could actually be quicker to go to a store and rent/buy the movie on disc rather than sit and wait for it download.

I do like what Toshiba is doing in that it’s a different approach that will add even more value to people who have built up large movie libraries on DVD. As for the future, I think that it can only last so long until it loses the battle to true HD formats.

Should Sony have to worry? My guess is that this is not a crisis, but it is something that they should keep a close eye on.

source: theinquirer.net

Last Updated: August 8, 2008

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