Total War: Warhammer coming in April, gets grudge-filled edition

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Total War: Warhammer – can I officially just switch to calling it Total Warhammer? The game is coming, and sooner than I thought. That’s right, at the end of April next year, you can load up your fantasy-fueled army and smash it against an opposing fantasy-fueled army in epic warfare. The game is being released 28 April 2016, and now we’ve got a new trailer and a sexy new edition to show off.

First up, the Chaos Warriors. They did promise that we’d eventually see everyone represented in the game, and Chaos Warriors have now been revealed and they are looking intense, although the Batman voice might be a bit much.

And there you have it, folks, the first sign of pre-order bonus. I’m sure other races will also be available for download, and I should probably be more upset about this. However, with the game launching with four factions and the rest coming in for pre-order or DLC, I think most fans of the franchises will have plenty of content that they want. At least this way we eventually get access to everyone, and those who want a specific race other than the launch four can specifically buy them.

Meanwhile, the various editions of the game have been announced, and the High King Edition might be calling to me. Okay, it definitely is calling to me. Just look at all the pretty stuff!

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Total warhammer high king

The presentation box is modeled on the Book of Grudges and includes:

  • Grudge Ring: This quality metal ring, with a rotating inner band is perfect to spin whilst brooding over grudges and plotting revenge. Six numbered bevels on the inner hoop allow the ring to double as a fully functioning die, perfect for determining those crucial outcomes in any table top games.
  • Slayer’s Whetstone Pendant: Made of genuine, functional whetstone and inscribed with the talismanic Master Rune of Spite, this hefty trinket would be treasured and jealously guarded by any self-respecting Slayer, who aims to keep a keen edge on their blades.
  • Dwarfen Drinking Horn & Stand: Toast your victories with this beautifully decorated drinking horn; wrought with icons and sigils in the Dwarfen craftsman style. Suitable for both display and practical use, it can hold a full pint and comes complete with its own unique metal display stand. Please note, liquid cannot be ‘sipped’ from this drinking horn, it may only be ‘quaffed’.
  • Canvas Map: Plan your campaigns of conquest as any High King should with this gorgeously illustrated canvas map of the game world.
  • Integrated Artbook: Integrated into the High King Edition’s impressive packaging is a large art book featuring exclusive concepts.
  • Metal Case: Protect your game disks from the perilous dangers of the Old World with this exclusive metal case.
  • Insider Guide: A printed strategy guide for Total War: WARHAMMER; this book will help get you started with the game and offers invaluable tactical advice to help you dominate the battlefields of the Old World.
  • Chaos Warriors Race Pack: The Chaos Warriors Race Pack offers a new playable race with a full roster of bloodthirsty units, terrifying mounts and monstrous creatures. Lead the corrupted Chaos hordes as one of three new playable Legendary Lords and embrace the Ruinous Powers as you embark on brand new quest chains, unlocking powerful items and gaining the favour of the dark Chaos Gods.
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I was really wondering how they could fetishize an edition of the game seeing as models of any kind would end up feeling a bit lame compared to the Warhammer armies players could build. But a ring that doubles as a die? A drinking horn and a map which can all be stored in a sexy book box? I’ll quaff to that.

For those who still want to buy the game in non-digital form but aren’t quite as convinced by the canvas map, you can also pick up the Limited Edition that also includes the Chaos Warriors race pack, as well as the insider guide all neatly packaged in the steel book.

The game is coming April 28th to PC, of course. WAAAAAAGH!

Last Updated: October 23, 2015

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    Who is hotter, Isabeau?

    • oVg

      Or Evie?

      • Bob of the Khundelar

        Is it just me or do they look like the same person/model? Well, at least from these two screen shots.

        • oVg

          These studios all copy each other lol.

          But thanks to Evie, I might actually buy my first Assassins creed game since Black Flag.

          • Bob of the Khundelar

            Until Evie takes her face off 😛
            So far the reviews are positive so maybe Ubi have done something right.

          • oVg

            Girls with posh English accents make me all giddy 😛

          • Is that because you can’t understand what they are saying, grunt boy?

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            Speaking about not understanding, have you watched the previous week’s episode of shield yet? bwhahahaha

          • Don’t do it man. Don’t do it!

        • The one has stretch marks on her neck…that’s all difference I could see :

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        Which one’s your mom? *run*

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          You mean Grandmother

        • Ohhhhhhh 0_O

      • They look the same 0_O

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Dat quaffing!

  • Warhammer and Halo, two games that I know has existed for years and years and yet have no idea what either is about xD

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      All you need to know about Warhammer is that heretics are bad and must be purged. With fire. Well done, not rare.

      • Well done steak is bad, so what you actually telling me is heretics are good?

        • Alien Emperor Trevor

          Are you questioning the will of the Emperor?

          • No, I am questioning the RNG of T3

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            RNG is Chaos in its pure, unadulterated form.

            I played a T3Surv last w/e and finally got a chassis to drop… a Rhino P chassis. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

          • Farmed trinity last weekend… 15 Bronko P BP, 6 Hykou pouches, 5 nyx P BP and around 15 argon crystals…

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            Thanks for reminding me I still don’t have a Nyx P chassis either. FFFFFFFFFF T3Es.

          • My Nyx has finished building, got the chassis of T3 ext in the first run…might have used up all RNG luck I had for the year.

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

          • And I need to trade you a syndicate Mod for a Zephyr Mod 😛

          • Alien Emperor Trevor


          • Hahaha I am with Cephalon Suda so take your pick 😛

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            Decisions, decisions. Btw I maxxed out Steel Meridian the other day, so I’ve got access to all theirs as well.

          • Steel Meridian has that awesome CC mod for ember.

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            Yes. I’m guessing the randoms I ran a nightmare infested exterminate with were very happy I had that equipped – especially when old Juggie appeared & just couldn’t get his legs under him haha.

          • I miss running my strong frames 😛 these days it’s just all about hitting MR 12

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            I dropped a couple of formas on Ember and 1 on the Cernos last weekend. Heavy cal on the Cernos makes for some bad misses & some entertaining hits – I aimed at one guy, and hit the two guys standing on either side of him.

          • xD

            I took heavy cal off my dread because of the long range misses. Replaced it with this, since it is a slash based weapon.

          • Grand Admiral Chief

            I still need to build that damn archwing

          • It’s that excavation mission that drops the parts right?

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            I like archwing, but it can be a real pain. Esp to farm all the components.

          • IKR -_-

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            And they all need MF TELLURIUM.

          • I used the only 2 Tellurium I have ever had on the ship module for dropping support canisters.

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            Everything is tellurium, argon crystals and cryotic these days. At least farming cryotic can net you T3 keys.

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            Btw Liset support works nicely. Hopped into your favourite spy mission with some randoms & a dufus that ran off solo set off a vault alarm, I called in support, it froze the alarm timer with 2 seconds on the clock, and gave him/her enough time to retrieve the data.

          • Grand Admiral Chief

            I’ve got one out of three components, need to farm the rest

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            I don’t mind it so much, most of my combat is mid to close range. Long range usually means they haven’t spotted me so I can afford to take 3/4 shots haha.

        • He knows all about well-done bad steaks 😛

  • Daniel Hallinan

    Ah, thought we may see Chaos as the first DLC faction. REALLY nice 😀
    It’s also fantastic to see they’re pulling in some of the more fringe elements of Chaos, rather than focusing on the standard and/or popular (Such as the Shaggoth in the trailer’s climax).

    The pre-order looks nifty for what you pay, but yeah… not gonna bite 😛

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