Touchy Topic: GTA IV Has A 'Meth' Recipe?

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So while looking for some gaming news I came across a rather disturbing revelation. Apparently according to Kotaku some disturbing news cropped up after last years play through of the game for its classification.

Allegedly the British Board of Film Classification “discovered an apparent recipe for the manufacture of the drug crystal meth”. This obviously resulted in some serious “crisis talks with Rockstar”.

But the developers claimed that the recipe was inaccurate and thus they were allowed to keep it in the game. This kinda reminds me about the recipes for various explosives in Fight Club… all fake sadly and thus none of us could start up our own project mayhem after beating our buddies up in the parking lot.

Guess we’ll have to settle for the safe vicarious alternative… kicking ass, taking names and blowing crap up in some awesome games – good enough for me but seriously – if anyone can confirm where in GTA IV this recipe resides then please do share so we can check it out. Just like looking for the flashes of Tyler Durden in Fight Club before his character was introduced… too awesome.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: June 24, 2009

  • Actually, as far as I know, the explosives recipe in Fight Club is real and
    originally contained the entire thing, but they were told
    to leave out a couple of ingredients for the final version.

  • Faheem

    potatoe potatoe… gee i guess that doesn’t really work in text huh? either way it doesn’t work and they were aloud to keep it in the film and the game. but i really dug having to spot the tyler frame flashes early in the film… kinda like those cigarette burns. awesome

  • ja,the tyler frame flashes were cool. The other ones….not so much :tongue:

  • StigSmash

    If somebody has access to the internet and searches hard enough i have no doubt you can find the recipes that everyone is concerned about.

    The information is out there it is a reality of the internet age.

  • Faheem

    yeah yeah i got my copy of the anarchist cook book too but i just wanted to know where in GTA IV this recipe resides so i can go check it for myself. the game is huge and have yet to come by it.

  • GougedEye

    Well One google search and first click produced this …

    Oh Noes!!! Shut doen the Internet.

  • zenstar

    According to the following page:

    “The suspected recipe for crystal meth can be discovered in the video game as a posting on the fictional Web site Craplist –a parody of the popular real life Web site Craigslist.”

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