Track the Bell Killer in Murdered: Soul Suspect

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We’ve been pretty excited for Square-Enix’s Murdered: souls Suspect since getting a peek at the game at some or other game show. It’s all about a detective who’s killed and has to solve his own murder, using his keen investigative skills and supernatural powers. Ok, that does sound a bit like a B grade thriller movie, but the game seems pretty cool. Here’s a new trailer.

It’s focused on a serial killer called The Bell Killer, a sadistic killer who dispenses with his victims in cruel and unusual ways.

“He’s our ruthless antagonist in Murdered: Soul Suspect; a sadistic killer, seemingly with no MO, whose victims each die cruel and merciless deaths. Uncover what little evidence there is on the Bell Killer in our latest trailer – but pay close attention, if you wish to stand a chance of solving the case when Murdered: Soul Suspect launches on 6th June.”

It’s less action-oriented and more about solving clues – and it seems like a breath of fresh air. That We’ll do whatever we have to make the terrible reign of the bell end. Murdered: Soul Suspect is coming to PC, Ps3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in June.

Last Updated: April 30, 2014

Geoffrey Tim

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