Tracking DLC on Steam just became a lot easier

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Steam makes DLC management easier

Valve is consistently trying to improve Steam’s rather clunky UI, adding in some oft-requested features like the FPS counter last year. One of the most painful processes is trying to see which DLC you own for a particular game, which usually involves hunting each piece down individually on the Store and checking whether it lists it as purchased. Thankfully, Steam is making that easier.

The Steam Beta Client has already received an update that allows you to check which DLC is available, and installed, via the Library view. Clicking on a game will now produce a list of DLC for the title, and you can easily check and uncheck which of them you either want to purchase or install at any given time.

It’s a small but fairly useful change, especially since so many game come with bundled DLC or optional season passes. The feature is still exclusive to the Beta Client, so if you aren’t testing it out it’ll probably make its way to full release in the next few days. Included in the update is the option to delete stored cookies for the in-built browser, improved caching of Workshop downloads and more.

What features do you still think Valve needs to get to soon? Does the new homepage not suit your fancy, or do you want the library menu to receive a makeover? After going through the process again recently, I just really wish Valve would streamline Family Sharing a little more.

Last Updated: February 9, 2015

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