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Treyarch gives 37 reasons why Black Ops 2 is awesome

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IGN gave Treyarch’s John Rafacz three minutes, he gave them 37 awesome facts about Black Ops 2. Black Ops 2 is a possible next big competitive title for our competitive community here in S.A.With all the eSport orientated multiplayer features, it’ll be interesting to see if the title succeeds. But what about the single player experience?

Call of Duty has had in my opinion a series of great single player campaigns, Black Ops being one of the best. So let’s take a look at some of the facts given by Rafacz, and see if they really should be classified as “awesome”.

The video: 

The facts:

Single player:

Ambitious near future fiction that takes you to 2025: Been there, done that. This setting is nothing new in the gaming industry, even though it makes for a different Call of Duty experience, the game boils down to the same thing as any other Call of Duty game, shooting every enemy on sight.

See behind objects: In a way, this is definitely awesome. It comes in very handy when planning your next move. But on the other hand, kind of defeats the purpose for me. Even though it’s a near future fiction, doesn’t mean that things have to be too over powered and take away some of what makes cover so important and make it seem useless. As much as you need cover to protect you, enemies need it too, or they might as well just be running around in the open all the time.

Zoom out in over watch mode: Most awesome. This adds a great tactical and strategic feel to the game. Even though some might refer to my previous point of cover being useless, it’s the same principal as turn based strategy game XCOM, cover is still very much useful, but you are able to plan out your assault efficiently.


Create a class: This is one of my favourite multiplayer features. Even though I enjoyed the different load outs and combination presets in previous Call of Duty games, it’s always been something missing from the experience. Now you can optimise the class that you like to play, you can (as Rafacz said) give up your secondary and tactical weapon so that you can have three attachments to your primary weapon. This is, without a doubt, pretty damn awesome.

Codcasting: With Treyacrh’s initiative to improve features for eSport purposes, the title might give Infinity Ward’s CoD titles a run for their money. Personally I’ve always enjoyed the Infinity Ward Call of Duty multiplayers more and found them more suitable for competitive play, but I’m sure the world will make good use of the multiplayer of Black Ops 2.

Zombies: My fondest CoD 5 experience other than the co-op campaign has always been the Zombie mod. Even though Black Ops 2 zombies might not be a DayZ clone, and thank the heavens it’s not, I can imagine this to be a great feature in the game, giving us hours and hours of zombie slaying fun. Zombies might be seen as a little over rated and old by some, but in my books, it’s most awesome! Plus with the three different modes you can play, it adds a lot more to the zombie apocalypse experience.

Agree with Rafacz’s 37 reasons? What are the best features of Black Ops 2 in your opinion?

Last Updated: November 5, 2012

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