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Trials Evolution is going to be incredible

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So what do you get if you take one of the toughest and most addictive XBLA titles ever released and mix it with Joe Danger and PAIN from the PS3? Then add in a bit of Modnation Racer and Little Big Planet and top it off with a covering of BMX from California Games?

You get what could possibly be the best motorbike game ever made in the history of gaming and something that could become the must have cult title for decades to come.

Or you get a jumbled mess with no real direction or point.. only time will tell.

If you don’t believe me that all those games can be mixed into one title then take a look at this new Trials Evolution trailer, no really you have to watch this.

Also, who played a little too much California Games growing up?

Last Updated: February 3, 2012

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