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I like to laugh at Sandy when he goes on his weekly radio show, mostly because he has to drive to Sandton during peak traffic on a Friday. Now I get to be that idiot as I cover for him this week while he’s busy doing hipster things in Cape Town. But you should totally get involved.

First up, you can tune in and listen live over here; the show runs from 3:30 until 4. After the show is completed, we’ll update this article so that you can download the podcast.

Now, normally I’d welcome tweets for live commentary, but CliffCentral only gets live messaging via WeChat. So, go download the app now if you don’t have it already and head on over to the CliffCentral group to leave messages or questions. Alternatively, you can also call into the studio at 0861 555 189. Call and ask me uncomfortable questions, or troll, or be nice like I know you all are and ask me awesome questions about the topics I’m actually discussing.

Really though, I’d love to hear from you, and it’s also rad when more of you message in so it’s obvious that I’m more popular than Sandy. Right? You guys do like me… right? Where’d you all go?

So, WeChat, call or get in touch however you like, and be sure to listen to me make a fool of myself on air. What could be better?

Last Updated: November 28, 2014

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