Trophies for Playdead’s Inside suggest impending PS4 release

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Inside, the newest game from Limbo creator Playdead is one of the strangest games I’ve played through this year. Taking many cues from Limbo, Inside shows the studio at its best. More self-assured. More creative. More tripped up on mind-altering hallucinogens. That last one may be a guess.

Saying too much about the game would, frankly, ruin it – but it’s a strange game that will likely (as intended) cause equal amounts of head-scratching and self-reflection. It’s a game that sits with you for ages afterwards. Here’s what we said in our review:

“Inside is best experienced in one sitting, and it’s a game that is going to be on my mind for a long while. What it lacks in replayability (there are seriously obtuse collectibles to find for an alternate ending), it makes up for tenfold in mystery. Inside is hands down one of the weirdest narratives you’re likely to ever play, but it asks questions through its design and mechanics so expertly that other games can only hope to one day do the same.

Inside is a game that simply has to be experienced. Its mystery filled dystopian world is brought to life expertly through tight, thoughtful design, masterful art direction and sublime sound design. Inside isn’t like many other games, because not many others can do so perfectly what it does regularly.”

The game is currently only available on Xbox One and PC – with the expectation that, Like Limbo, it would eventually make its way to Sony’s console.

Speaking to PushSquare, Playdead did hint that the game would hit the PS4 at some point.

“Our goal is of course to get Inside into the hands of as many gamers as possible, but we can’t say anything about other potential platforms at this point.”

It seems it’ll hit the PlayStation 4 sooner than later. According to trophy trawlers Exophase, Inside’s trophies have hit the PlayStation Network – which means that the game is running, and its release is likely imminent.

Last Updated: August 1, 2016

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