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True Achievements – What are you really worth?

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True Achievement

The Xbox 360 achievements, and more specifically gamescore, have long been the measuring stick that fellow gamers have used to see who is in fact the best gamer around.

However as with all things in life it isn’t that straight forward. You see I have a full 1000/1000 for Fight Night Round 3 which any self respecting Gamer Score Wh*re will tell you isn’t anything compared to a full 1000/1000 for PES or even Kameo.

So how do you really judge how great you really are?

Trueachievements.com has solved that problem for us by putting together a complex weighting algorithm then they then apply to your gamercard to give you a true weighted score.

Unfortunately the site is under a bit of excess load right now so I can’t tell you what my miserly 10,450 points is truly worth.

But head on over to www.trueachievements.com and sign up then after a few hours you will be presented with your true gamerscore. Don’t worry though it won’t change your official gamerscore.

Oh and while you are there sign up into the South African Gamers Leaderboard to help us show Microsoft that we know what we are doing.

Last Updated: February 11, 2009

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