There’s a couple of traditions that happen to come with each Wrestlemania. The pyrotechnic openings, Jim Ross going bananas when Stone Cold Steve Austin arrives and Goldust being well, Goldust. But the biggest tradition of all is the winning streak of the dead man, The Undertaker. In WWE 2K14, you’re going to get a chance to end that streak.

Now yes, I’m more than aware that the current 21-0 winning streak is all part of scripted television, but it’s still magical to see Taker Tombstone Piledrive a victim and win a match every year. In the 30 years of Wrestlemania mode, players will have a chance to “Defeat the streak”. But there’s a catch.

“We cranked the difficulty level really high, and there’s no changing that — there’s no option in there for that,” said Creative Director Cory Ledesma to Polygon.

Our top guys sometimes struggle to beat it. We wanted to make it really tough, to make it feel special.

The Undertaker that is present in this mode, is going to be a slobber-knocker of note. He’ll have a few tricks up his sleeve, such as being able to turn off the arena lights and pop up behind you to do some damaging attacks.

If getting the living daylights pummelled out of you by the Phenom isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll also get a chance to try out a different mode, “Defend the streak”. It’s a survivor series of constant matches, where you’ll take on a gauntlet of never-ending enemies. Oh, and your health never recovers.

You can’t have a WWE game without the the Undertaker, and with Wrestlemania taking center stage, its cool to see the Phenom getting some of that spotlight this year.

Last Updated: October 15, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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