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Turn 10 discusses their rivalry with other racing games

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The makers of the upcoming Forza 4 are no strangers to competition, with their franchise being compared to the Sony exclusive Gran Turismo every time a new title from either side is released,amongst other such similar driving games.

While the debate between fans over the better game is usually fierce, and most likely a little on the ridiculous side, Forza developer Turn 10 Studios see the competition as necessary motivation in order to deliver a better game.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Turn 10’s Dan Greenawalt explained how the developer was always striving to better each version of Forza that they were working on. “Now, obviously in my job it’s important I play all the competition. I play everything. I play Grid, Need for Speed, Dirt, F1, everything. I play a lot of games in general”.

“Part of it is just understanding what’s going on. But that’s not where our innovation, our ideas come from. That’s just knowing where the landscape is. You can’t navigate without knowing the landscape”.

Greenawalt then explained how the innovations that Turn 10 sought to implement in their games, would have to ideas that would survive in the long term, from conception through to the next version at least. Even with the agility we get from that, we have to fire this artillery way in advance of trying to hit the hillside”, Greenawalt said.

“So when a game comes out a year, six months, before we launch, we can’t do anything about that. There’s no reaction we can do at all. I can play it. I can appreciate what they do. We can’t react. Which is why our stress is on innovation long term. If we don’t innovate long term, we can’t accomplish it”.

Greenawalt then concluded his interview, addressing complaints that games in the same genre sometimes blatantly copy the features of the other. “Sometimes games come out with features at the same time. First-person shooters do and you go, oh, those guys copied that guy. I know that, just with the size of teams today, no they didn’t”.

“They came up with the same idea around the same time about a year ago and one game beat the other one to market. The ability to copy other games is extremely limited, honestly”.

Copy or not, Forza is generating some decent heat so far, and is shaping up to be a truly fantastic racing game, for all sorts of players, whether they’re looking for hyper-real simulations or edge of the seat arcade action.

Last Updated: October 5, 2011

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