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Twisted Metal delayed in Europe and most probably here

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We’ve got a bit of a love hate relationship with David Jaffe as he loves to hate us and.. no that’s about it.

But it has meant that I’ve kept a special eye on Twisted Metal’s development and unfortunately things have taken a small turn for the worse for us down on the bottom of Africa as the game that was meant to be released in 14 days time has now been delayed.

There is no set release date now but David thinks we’ll be getting it on the 1st of March now as they’ve had to make some cuts to the movies to appease the Europeans.

Apparently stabbing someone in the eye with scissors and using a live person as a missile aren’t acceptable in a game but 14 porn channels in a hotel is perfectly acceptable.

It’s the oddity between Europe and America. If sweet tooth got his rocks off with a character in the game Europe would be happy to see it all going down but the Americans would never allow it, but stabbing someone in the eye ball is perfectly fine for the Americans but the Europeans draw the line there.

Oh well, according to David Jaffe the story isn’t harmed at all and you will still get a great experience from the game when it finally does release here.

With that being said, how many people are really looking forward to Twisted Metal?

Last Updated: February 3, 2012

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