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Resident Evil RE:Verse has been delayed to Q3 2021

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While Resident Evil Village may be only a few days away at this point, it looks like fans that were hoping to experience their favourite franchise through the lens of a team deathmatch mode will have to wait a little longer. RE:Verse, the multiplayer spin-off that will see the beloved characters of the Resident Evil franchise duking it out for the top player spot, has been delayed by a solid quarter. While the game was initially meant to release in Q2, it has been pushed back to a North American Summer, meaning it’ll be dropping in either July, August or September of 2021.


One has to hope that the Resident Evil hype continues long after Village is pushed out the door, as RE:Verse was meant to be a free offering that launched alongside its single-player focused sibling. Capcom’s official website for the game has been updated to reveal the new date but gives no indication as to why the game has been delayed. One has to assume it has something to do with the beta testing the game was put through which reportedly didn’t go so well. Capcom had to shut it down after just a few hours to iron out issues with its servers.


In any case, RE:Verse will hopefully be the magic game that break’s Capcom’s trend of releasing excellent single-player Resident Evil games and terrible multiplayer Resident Evil games. Let us not forget Operation: Raccoon City, a game with an excellent trailer that was complete garbage to play.

Last Updated: April 29, 2021

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