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Two Awesome Street Fighter Short Films In One Week?

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Just yesterday I posted the story about Joey Ansah’s Street Fighter short film, titled Legacy and that it will be arriving this Thursday.

One day later and I got a bit of a surprise when another high quality fan-film arrived on the internet. This film, titled Beginning’s End is surprisingly good for a small budget fan film and has some really great choreography to boot.

Beginning’s End shows Ryu and Ken having a friendly go at each other right before Ryu heads out to the world tournament. It makes a couple of game references throughout, even breaking the bouts into rounds. Don’t let Ken’s ridiculous wig put you off, it’s actually pretty good, all things considered.

Hit the jump to see the full Street Fighter: Beginning’s End short film.

Last Updated: May 5, 2010


  1. That was “teh sweetz”


  2. Darren Bailey

    May 6, 2010 at 19:35

    I’m Darren Bailey from A Thousand Pounds, and I was the 1st AD on this project. Thanks for all the positive feedback we’ve received. The film, FYI is Beginnings End, no apostrophe. It’s as in all beginnings must come to an end, such as the beginning of Ken and Ryu’s training with one another. Keep spreading the word about us and we promise more great things in the future! Subscribe to RivenX3i’s YouTube channel!


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