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Ubisoft are imposing archaic DRM on Driver: San Francisco

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In our team Nick is by far and away the biggest driving fan around, if you get him talking about lap times and wheels and stuff he just pretty much never shuts up. While the rest of of us sneak out the back to go play real man games like Super Mario or Kirby.

I bring this up not only to make fun of Nick’s petrol headedness but also to point out that Nick’s also got the most unreliable Internet in the team with it dropping pretty much daily for some reason or another and this has now given me huge cause for concern.

The reason for this concern is down to Ubisoft announcing that their upcoming driving title, Driver: San Francisco, will include their full DRM system which ensures you are constantly connected to the Internet while playing else your game will be disabled.

Now I understand that they feel they need to do this to help combat piracy but forcing an always on Internet connection for single player gaming just isn’t feasible. It means that it will take Nick at least 4 days to review the single player portion as he won’t be able to do it while his line is down and it also stops people enjoying the game on their laptop while out watching sporting events or the like.

But Ubisoft decided that wasn’t annoying enough either and have now confirmed that you won’t be able to use that awesome steering wheel setup for Driver: San Francisco as the game doesn’t recognise steering wheels as a valid input option.

At least there is a solution to the always on Internet connection issue, just buy the game on console… where this archaic DRM ideals haven’t embedded themselves entirely yet.

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Last Updated: July 28, 2011

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