Ubisoft Kicks Off Their E3 Show With Rocksmith 2014

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Ubisoft Conference[1]

The stage explodes into a musical guitar solo from Alice in Chains frontman Jerry Cantrell as Ubisoft kick off their E3 performance. This isn’t just for show right? Of course not! Some aspect of Rocksmith 2014 is being shown off.

The new session mode is shown off, where you can choose a virtual band chosen to play along with to the chosen song. The game will be out this October and will obviously feature a new library of songs. Rocksmith is said to be the fastest way to learn the guitar, and quite frankly I wouldn’t doubt that for a second. The song demonstrated would make my fingers fall off!

There was no talk of other instruments such as drums, but I would imagine that something like that will feature or possibly confirmed closer to the titles release date. Personally I am over the whole plastic perephiral phase, but this is something different. You can actually learn the instrument just by interacting and practicing with the game, not smack some colour coded buttons in time with the song.

Last Updated: June 11, 2013

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