Ubisoft: Launch titles for next-gen are miles better

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Watch dog phoneThe next generation of consoles are almost upon us. However, previous console launches have taught us that new technology is hard to master, and launch titles rarely utilize the hardware properly. Alain Corre of Ubisoft doesn’t think this will be the case this time around.

Speaking to CVG, Corre explained that Assassin’s Creed and Watch Dogs are already exploiting the capacity of the machines because Ubisoft got to work with Sony and Microsoft early on in development. He goes on to say:

What we see today is that, for the very first time, the first generation of games on [PS4 and Xbox One] will be miles, miles better than the first generation of games we used to have at the launch of previous consoles. That’s why there’s an appetite for next-gen, it’s been many years without a new console and also because the quality of the products proposed at launch are second to none. There are super good games that can give you hours of gameplay and take immersion to the next level, which is really a fantastic way of showing what the technology can do.

I’m actually really curious to see if reactions to Watch Dogs or Assassin’s Creed are varied depending on platform. I’m excited for both games, even though I was seriously burned by the last Assassin’s Creed. I will probably end up playing them on current ten consoles, though, just because of timing with the release of PS4 and Xbox One in South Africa. Do you think the games will be that much better to warrant a replay after upgrading? Will you be upgrading to next-generation consoles right away, or waiting until after the launch window?

Last Updated: September 26, 2013

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