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Ubisoft may have forgotten to ship some activation codes with Rocksmith

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One plus side to PC Gaming this year, is that publisher Ubisoft finally dropped their always-on DRM requirement for games earlier this year. Totally ineffectual, and a pain in the animus to gamers who bought their games legitimately, the easily bypassed system has gone the way of the dodo. One security feature that is still around however, is activation keys. Unless you ordered Rocksmith that is, which might not even have the code to play, within the box.

After several lawsuits and delays in Europe thanks to one stubborn band claiming trademark shenanigans, the PC version of Rocksmith was finally released last week Thursday in Europe. The only problem though, is that quite a few customers have found out that their rock ‘n roll rollercoaster has stopped short, as they can’t find a single line of numbers and letters with which to access their paid for game.

It seems that Ubisoft was a little slow out of the gate with those activation codes, and have begun to ship them out to customers, or the ones that managed to head on over to their support site, filled out a form and included a “clear digital image of your receipt clearly showing the store details and the product”.

Naturally, this led to some hilarious forum complaining, such as this one post, which is totally serious due to the amount of upper case typing used within it:

I have no activation Code for Rocksmith. I ordered the game for my PC, I booked my wife a ticket for a week in Spain, took time off work, and filled my fridge with junk food. I sat down in front of my tv, in my Y fronts, with my beautiful SG in my right hand and… NOTHING. NO ACTIVATION KEY. YOU NEED TO FIX THIS. YOU NEED TO RELEASE A STATEMENT ON WHAT YOU INTEND TO DO ABOUT THIS.

It took about a week for the issue to really get started however, as once the general release date had passed, people were justifiably angry, before Ubisoft sorted the issue out over the weekend with some overtime staff.

“We apologize for the inconvenience caused and will provide any affected consumers with the ‘Guitarcade timesaver,’ which gives players instant access to all the Rocksmith mini-games,” said one of the Ubisoft mods in the forums.

The good news is we’ve confirmed with Ubisoft that locally purchased copies of the game will indeed have the activation codes – and you needn’t worry about buying a game you can’t play. Hooray! 

Has something like this ever happened to you? Ever found a code missing, or like me, bought a boxed version of Heavy Metal F.A.K.K 2 and found out that instead of having a sealed game containing a digital version of Julie Strainn, there was nothing inside?

Last Updated: October 22, 2012

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