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Ubisoft nabs Trials HD Developer Redlynx

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If you haven’t played RedLynx’s incredibly addictive, horribly difficult Trials HD, it’s probably because you’re a PlayStation gamer. The game, a hit on PC and one of the best selling titles on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade service was absent from the PlayStation Network. And though the title’s actually published by Microsoft, that might be set to change. Why?

Ubisoft’s acquired the game’s developer – and is keen on pushing the game to more platforms.

"The team at RedLynx has developed exceptionally strong digital brands that stand out for their high replay value, their long tail sales and their multiplatform positioning," said Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot of the acquisition. "We are delighted to welcome RedLynx to the Ubisoft family. Their expertise in asynchronous online games and physics-based game mechanics provides us with a great opportunity to bring their powerful brands, most notably Trials, to an even broader range of fast-growing digital platforms."

He seems quite pleased with the deal – and he should be. The team’s busy on a follow-up, Trials Evolution, destined for Xbox Live Arcade and published one more by Microsoft. "We will still be working directly with Microsoft to bring Trials Evolution to Xbox Live Arcade once it’s ready," RedLynx’s Jason Bates said to Joystiq. So no, Trials or its follow up won’t be headed to the PS3 directly, but with Ubisoft so keen on pushing the franchise, it’s inevitable it’ll show up on the PSN at some point, in one form or another.

Last Updated: November 3, 2011

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