[Updated] Ubisoft Pulls Wii "Sex Game" Releases In UK and US

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[Update from our local Ubisoft reps]South Africa will be carrying stock and is so far unaffected by current issues in the UK and US[/Update]

You’ve surely heard of Ubisoft’s ludicrous upcoming Nintendo Wii party game We Dare by now and you would also know that its kicked up quite a storm.

While its marketing campaign started it all off with a trailer that showed two men and two women doing all sorts of weird activities in front of a television, the major issues arose when it was pointed out that the game was rated 12+.

Thanks to a very serious backlash from media and the public, Ubisoft have decided to not sell the game in certain regions at all.

The news of the pull from a US release already happened a short while back, but the pull from the UK region is a new development after Ubisoft told The Telegraph that:

“Following the public reaction to the 12+ rating of We Dare, Ubisoft has made the decision not to sell the game in the United Kingdom.”

The game will still go on sale in European territories and we have contacted Ubisoft for more information on whether or not it will still see a release in South Africa. Now… that’s not saying that you should actually buy it as it looks absolutely awful.

[Update: It’s actually on shelves already at Kalahari.net and Look&Listen, review coming soon]

It doesn’t really deserve the amount of buzz that it’s getting but hey, we can’t help ourselves, the news is just too juicy. On that note I’m starting to sound like Gossip Girl, so this news post is over.


[Gavin butting in…]

I have to butt in here and disagree with Nick, I think Ubisoft are being far braver than the rest of the mainstream publishers in backing and releasing a game that appeals to an adult audience. This game deserves all the buzz it is getting and it is hugely disappointing of humanity that it has forced Ubisoft to pull the game from the US and UK.

I find the game itself to be an intriguing idea that should be allowed into the market place to see if it finds support and declaring it awful before really seeing what it’s about is a bit short sighted. Granted the game may truly suck when it’s released but for now I am staying open minded and supporting Ubisoft in trying something new.

Source: The Telegraph

Last Updated: March 10, 2011

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